Vision & Mission

As a member of the Nissan Group, Nissan Automotive Technology is a company that develops automobiles. Our aim is to enrich people's lives by delivering to markets throughout the world automobiles in which we have realized our dreams through technology. It is the realization of tomorrow's sustainable bright automobile society. Our joy comes from seeing the smiling faces of our customers throughout the world as they ride in a Nissan automobiles developed by Nissan Automotive Technology.


Putting all of our dreams into our automobiles,
we aim to "enrich people's lives" and "realize tomorrow's bright automobile society".


Nissan Automotive Technology,
a member of the Nissan Group, is a dynamic engineering company.
We at Nissan Automotive Technology
undertake the challenge of revolutionary engineering and continue to develop automobiles that are touted throughout the world with world class efficiency and quality,
all based upon our cutting edge product development expertise.