Hiring Initiatives

Approaches and Policy


Every car developed by our company embodies the passion of each and every engineer.
The words "Thank you, from customers, give us a sense of accomplishment as an engineer.
We develop products with the aim of "enriching people's lives."
We aim to be a company that can grow sustainably, from young people to veterans, with the motto "Work is fun and lively! Let's work at ease!"


Nissan Automotive Technology, a member of the Nissan Group, is a dynamic engineering company.
We aim to enrich the lives of our customers by delivering cars that make our dreams come true through technology all around the world.

Fairness in Hiring

Recruitment selection will be based on the following two points.

  • Respect the fundamental human rights of applicants
  • Applicant to be conducted based on criteria based on the applicant's aptitude and ability

Mid-career recruit

a mid-career recruit: experienced above previous graduate 3 years