Diversity and Inclusion

Approaches and Policy

Everyone has different personalities. It is truly diverse that the ways of thinking and values of people from various backgrounds, such as nationality, culture, age, gender, gender identity/sexual orientation, educational or career background, lifestyle, etc.
Nissan Automotive Technology believes such diversity makes us stronger.
Even though the differences may sometimes be in conflict, they generate much more advanced and creative ideas by exchanging opinions.
Our aim is to enrich people's lives by delivering automobiles which have realized our dreams with technologies to markets throughout the world. To accomplish the mission, we will promote diversity and inclusion.

Employment of People with Disabilities

In 2017, we opened an office exclusively for people with disabilities and are actively recruiting.

Recruitment Information

(as of June)
Number of employees at the end of
the fiscal year
Number of
new hires
FY18 35(47) 37(49) 4 2.09
FY19 35(46) 40(55) 2 1.99
FY20 43(58) 45(60) 3 2.18
FY21 45(60) 50(63) 5 2.20
FY22 48(62) 53(70) 5 2.24
FY23 54(71) - - 2.52

*Actual Headcount (headcount equivalent to statutory headcount)